We Convinced Grandma To Go Down The Waterslide, And Now We Can’t Stop Watching The Video : AWM

We Convinced Grandma To Go Down The Waterslide, And Now We Can’t Stop Watching The Video

You don’t typically see grandparents slipping down a waterslide, but one girl got her grandma to give it a whirl and she definitely wasn’t disappointed! At 80-years-old, this grandmother didn’t let her age get the best of her, as she’s seen in a video having the ride of her life once she gets seated at the top and ready to ride.

Her granddaughter hands her a video camera to capture the full elation of this moment. She gets positioned, as the water rushes the slide around her, then sets off!

She’s clearly a fan, screaming “Wheee!” and “Woohoo!” at the start as she slowly kicks off. It seems that things speed up a bit and she looks slightly more concerned but is still having a blast, giggling as she travels faster on the downward journey.

As she approaches the pool, she gets a bit shaky with the camera, screaming, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Has this grandmother’s opinion of the waterslide changed now that it got a little rougher?

Then she hits the pool, plunging underwater before standing up and coughing as she gathers herself and assesses what she just experienced.

When she’s asked what she thought of the waterslide, grandma appears overjoyed, saying, “Oh my god. I thought it was fun.” She exclaims that she went so fast, which no doubt made her feel every bit a daredevil that day.

She’s beyond adorable and the video is certainly worth a repeat viewing to watch her exciting ride from start to finish, her facial expressions, and her commentary along the way. She’s definitely young at heart!

Many people were won over by the grandma’s thrill ride, with comments such as: “wow, looks like she’s having a great time,” “so cute,” and “sweet.”

Another commenter shared that they would love to do the same with their grandmother, noting: “I wish I could take my grandma to something like that and let her be happy one last time.”

She’s not the only daring grandmother out there either as a recent news piece showed a 93-year-old woman named Lucy who took her own waterslide plunge. She’s had a fear of water her entire life, so tackling a waterslide for the first time was nothing short of an anxiety filled proposition.

She did it though!

Lucy’s ride video was captured at the local YMCA, where a lifeguard was on hand to help her out once she landed in the pool. Her reaction upon falling into the lifeguard’s arms after tackling her biggest fear was pure joy.

People were definitely inspired by Lucy’s bravery in facing a fear head-on, with comments such as: “THIS IS SO CUTE. I want a 24/7 channel of news about old people.”

Others remarked how age is just a number, especially when it comes to this kind of ride, as one person noted: “You’re never too old for a water slide!”

At the very least, these women might not want to head to the biggest slide at a nearby water park, but some easy and gentle slides certainly allow them to experience the fun on a slightly tamer scale.

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