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When I Looked Into These Two Brothers’ Eyes, My Jaw Hit The Floor

If you make eye contact with brothers Mehmet and Kerem Selman, you’ll be mesmerized. Their eyes, which are each two distinctly different colors, one being blue and the other being brown, are the result of a rare condition known as heterochromia. The brothers are age eleven and four and are from Bursa in Turkey. While it is rare for an individual to be born with “complete heterochromia,” it is even rarer to have two non-twin brothers born with the same rare condition.

Each child has a right blue eye and a brown left eye. While some people have central or partial heterochromia, the Selman brothers have the complete version of the condition because their eyes are two different colors entirely, through and through. Others with the partial or central version might have two colors existing in the same iris.

The father of the two boys, Suat Selman, said that he took his eldest son to see the doctor when he realized that he had two different eye colors. The doctor told Selman that Mehmet, the elder brother, would experience difficulty seeing “in the blue eye” when he became older.

With so few people experiencing this condition in the world, it is a miracle that both brothers have it – and that they have the same color eyes. Animals, compared to humans, are much more likely to experience the condition. Most often, the condition is a result of a genetic color abnormality that was passed on through the genes from parents to children.

But this condition can develop later in life. If that happens, it most likely occurred because the person suffered a trauma to the eye or developed glaucoma or specific types of cancers. When it develops later in life, it is likely accompanied by another worrying condition.

Because the brothers have such a unique condition, they are alone with it in the world. Mehmet, who didn’t know anyone else with the condition, finally started “to love himself” and see himself as just a normal person, after his brother, Karem, 4, was born. However, for the first seven years of his life, Mehmet felt like an outcast. Because he had two shades of eye color, he was a “freak” and often ridiculed by his peers for his obvious difference in appearance.

Nevertheless, some people see this “mutation” as something beautiful. Readers of Daily Mail shared comments, appreciating the beauty of the brothers’ heterochromia.

One person wrote, “This mutation is awesome.”

While some people might appreciate how the brothers have different eye colors, people around the world – and the children in their classes at school – are not always so understanding. When people look different from each other, there are people who ridicule them for those differences and try to make them feel worse because of how they look. Even if there is a minority group of people who find the boys’ eyes to be beautiful, the children have yet to meet those people. Hopefully, they’ll stay positive throughout their youth and be able to find their supporters and lovers later in life.

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