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When I Saw My Neighbor’s “Chocolate Safe” I Knew He Had A Serious Problem

Stacey Lowe has a self-professed bad habit when it comes to sweets. She simply cannot stop herself from going to town on all the chocolate. However, when she looked in the fridge during her latest chocolate craving, she saw that her partner, Dave William, had installed a “chocolate safe” so she wouldn’t be able to eat all the sweets unless she cracked the code and got into it.

Because Stacey, a tired mother, simply wanted to indulge in a sweet, she was completely upset when she saw that he had tried to thwart her plans. As a result, she turned to Facebook to expose Dave for his inconsiderate method to keep her from eating all the food.

During her rant, Stacey railed into her fiancé with hatred and anger.

“So this is what it has come to. You buy a house together, have a child together, get engaged, are planning a wedding and doing your house up, and this happens.”

The image shows the fridge safe that Dave installed to keep Stacey from gorging herself on chocolate.

She continued her rant, as described on Mail Online, writing:

“Dave goes and buys a f***ing fridge safe because he’s an a**hole and doesn’t want to share his chocolate with me anymore! Does anyone want him? Surely this is breakup material, right?”

Although Stacey was confident that people would see her side of the fight, the majority of the 47,000 people who connected with her tirade sided with Dave. They thought his chocolate safe was the perfect way to stop someone from indulging in an unhealthy craving such as Stacey when she binge-eats her chocolates.

“What a brilliant way to stop me from gorging on chocolate late at night,” one person wrote.

Another person tagged her boyfriend and wrote, “I would do this if we lived together.”

Obviously, people were having fun at Stacey’s expense. Because she was so sourly offended by Dave’s chocolate safe, people were trying to get her to relax.

But there were some people who found Dave’s move offensive and angering – just like Stacey did.

“I’d burn the house down,” one person wrote.

Another suggested that Stacey should “smash that s**t wide open.”

Meanwhile, Lockabox, the small company that manufactured the product that stirred up all the controversy, seized on the social media sensation and tried to drum up business.

“What a day for Lockabox! Thanks to one of our customers, our product and their post, the Lockabox One went viral! Albeit a bit controversial. We are in disbelief! Currently at 97.6k comments and 50.5k shares.”

After the intro, the company gave their sales pitch: “You too can lock away your chocolates, cheese, pies or any sweet treats in any communal or shared living environment.”

The chocolate safe container costs about $37 and is available online at most retailers. People who have their snacks stolen know that this device can serve a purpose. Although using it is bound to cause a few fights as it has between Stacey and Dave. But time will tell if it also has the power to destroy marriages.

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