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When The Ambulance Refused To Come, Dad Carried His Dying Daughter To The Hospital

All Sampath Kumar wanted was an ambulance to come for his daughter. She had died while in the care of the hospital. It was a devastating moment for Kumar, who loved his seven-year-old daughter more than anything in the world. But when he asked the hospital to help him transport his daughter’s dead body back to his home not every far away, they demanded an excessively high fee, forcing the impoverished father to carry his daughter’s body the distance in his arms.

Photographs show Kumar shouting in anguish as he is forced to carry his daughter’s corpse from the hospital to his home because he could not afford the hospital’s high fee for access to the ambulance. These images have sparked outrage across India, where the incident occurred because people believe that every person should be shown some empathy and compassion in tough life moments like what Kumar had to endure.

Because the government hospital denied Kumar an ambulance, he had to carry his daughter’s dead body in his arms a quarter of a mile before he found transportation to take him the rest of the way home. The horrendous lack of compassion occurred in the Indian state of Telangana. The local newspaper published the photo of the grieving father carrying his daughter’s body because the hospital would not lend him an ambulance in his moment of need.

Meanwhile, hospital authorities denied that the incident ever occurred. But the photograph proves otherwise.

While Kumar grieves the loss of his daughter, his family stands up to defend him. His brother accused the hospital of showing no empathy or understanding for what Kumar was dealing with, despite being an organization designed to help people.

“My brother is a daily wage laborer. He didn’t have money to pay them. As the hospital refused to provided ambulance service, my brother left the hospital carrying my niece, weeping on the road. The doctors also were very negligent,” Kumar’s brother, Rajaiah said.

Because Kumar could not pay the high fee for the ambulance or afford the cost of hiring another form of transportation, it was reported that hospital authorities were trying to hold the grieving father ransom based on his dire situation.

Fortunately, a generous taxi driver eventually offered Kumar a free ride back to his home.

Kumar’s daughter, Komalatha, had suffered from kidney-related problems and had been rushed to the hospital as soon as her symptoms got worse. However, the government hospital did not have her life. She died while in the care of those doctors after her kidney failed her.

The incident has sparked protests against the hospital for being so greedy. Nevertheless, the hospital denies everything. Even though the photographs prove that Kumar carried his dead daughter out of the hospital, authorities claim none of it is true.

“The reports are absolutely false,” hospital Superintendent Dr. Ajay Kumar said. “It has demonized us and caused immense pain. We are ready for a probe into the incident. We want to come out clean.”

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