When people learned about the glass hotel in Ibiza, Spain, they turned to TikTok to start an internet trend. Now thousands of people are talking about whether or not they would be willing to stay in the glass hotel for free. The only catch is that strangers would have the opportunity to watch everything you did and didn’t do while inside the glamorous suite.

The online trend kicked off when Olympia Anley turned to TikTok to share views of her hotel room at the Paradisio Art Hotel in Spain. Although the TikTok user was allowed to stay in the room for free – yes, there was no fee for her stay at the luxury accommodation – she did have to allow strangers the opportunity to look into her room whenever they passed by because the surface was made of glass.

“POV: You can stay in this hotel for free, but the room has glass walls to the lobby,” the vlogger’s TikTok video text said.

While the interior of the hotel looks rather standard, the exterior is quite different. The walls of the room are made of glass so that people passing by can look right into the room and see whatever the guest inside is up to. This lack of privacy made many TikTok users very uncomfortable.

Anley’s viral TikTok video has amassed more than 11.5 million views as well as 1.5 million likes on the Chinese-created social media video-sharing platform.

“Hotel Paradiso Ibiza…the Zero Suite. It’s an art project. You can only book it for one night… we’re staying in it in August,” a TikToker replied.

Some people found the hotel suite to be very worrisome.

“Please, where is the toilet,” someone commented.

“This would be my worst nightmare,” another wrote.

Other TikTok users did not see anything wrong with being on public display while in the hotel.

“I’d stay there no hesitation,” a person stated.

“Am I the only one who literally wouldn’t have a problem with it,” a user said.

The glass room, which is available to guests for free, is part of the Paradiso Art Hotel by Concept Art Hotels. The hotel is built around a theme of art and includes art galleries, exhibitions, and even a tattoo studio on site in case someone wants to get some art inked into the skin.

“Each one of our hotels has a wow factor or unique feature that makes the hotel much more than just a building with rooms in it, and creates experiences that the guest will remember long after they check out,” Concept Art Hotels told Newsweek.

If the Zero Suite has one saving grace, it is that the bathroom is private. You don’t have to worry about glass walls while you’re using the toilet or the shower.

Adventurous guests are allowed to stay at the Zero Suite for one night so long as they sign a waiver allowing anyone and everyone to photograph and video record them through the glass.

Would you be adventurous enough to stay at this unique hotel suite for free?

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