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Young Girl Expelled After Defending Herself From Boy In Bathroom

A small town in rural Alaska has attracted a lot of attention after its backward ways were exposed on a national level. Because a group of boys forced their ways into the school’s girl bathroom with evil intentions, the child defended herself by kneeing the primary attacker so she could escape with her virtue. After school administrators learned about the attack, they decided to expel one of the students but not the one who deserved it.

People across the nation reacted in outrage after they learned that the victim of the attack, the girl, was expelled from North Pole High School in North Pole, Alaska after she kneed the boy as a way of defending herself and her virtue when the group of boys forced their way into the girl’s bathroom at the school.

The boys forced their way into the girl’s bathroom after they felt threatened by the fact that there was a student in the class who was transitioning from female to male. Because the transgender student took a selfie in the boys’ bathroom, the group of boys decided to bust into the girl’s bathroom and threaten the ladies in there as a way of protest since they were unable to deal with their complicated feelings around the transgender student.

It was later reported that the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Superintendent Karen Gaborik admitted that the boys forced their way into the girls’ bathroom “as a form of protest,” because they had complicated feelings around transgender issues and wanted to see what life was like from the girls’ perspective.

However, when the seven boys forced their way into the girls’ bathroom, the young ladies inside it, who were trying to go about their business, had no idea that the boys were supposedly protesting. Because they were threatened by the gang of boys entering the bathroom, one of the girls kneed the leader in the groin as an act of self-defense.

Instead of punishing the boys who threatened her, the girl has been expelled from the Alaskan school.

The story went national after state Representative Tammie Wilson, a Republican who comes from North Pole, Alaska, spoke about the issue at the House Majority news conference last Friday.

“We had an incident last week to where some boys entered the girls’ bathroom, and a girl kneed a boy, feeling threatened. They were blocking her way, and she was suspended from school because she used way too much force,” Wilson said. To KTUU-TV and the other people who were listening.

Wilson is shocked that the school district punished the girl after she was blocked from exiting the girls’ bathroom by a group of boys threatened by transgender issues.

“If you ever feel threatened, for your safety, whatever force you think you have to go give, I will stand by you and so will your community, and not for those boys who were where they didn’t belong.”

Although the school suspended and later expelled the girl, forcing her to miss her prom, the boys who entered the girls’ bathroom and blocked her exit were allowed to attend.

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